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Maintain your beautiful hair this Summer!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Hot Girl Summer is well and truly on the way and we expect a lot of you to be letting your hair down in more ways than one. So, we’re giving you all the tips and tricks you need to keep your locks looking fresh for sunny beach trips, cocktails with the girls, and everything else in between.

Keep your friends close, and your hairstylist closer! This one is pretty self-explanatory, make sure you’re checking in with your hair magicians! Hi, that’s us! If you have a colour, especially blonde, make sure you're visiting every 6 - 8 weeks to keep it touched up and looking fresh. If you’re more into a low maintenance routine, a cut is still as important as a touch up in keeping your locks healthy and enabling the hair to grow even longer.

Skip the supermarket aisle

Studio N products contain fewer chemicals (it’s a big ol’ no to sulphates from us). Using high-quality products means your hair will benefit from more of the go

od stuff, and you only have to use a small amount compared to supermarket brands. Think of studio products like shampoo, conditioner, oils and masks like a prescription for your hair. They address specific needs and leave you with targeted care. The Davines range is our go-to. It’s sustainable and leaves your hair nourished for a salon feel every time.

Sun Protection, baby!

During Summer our hair is more exposed to the sunlight, salt water, chlorine, wind and sand. Basically, she’s having a bit of a rough time. If not given a helping hand, she will be dry and brittle before you can say “where’s my sunscreen?” Before you step out into the sun, protect your hair with Davines SU Milk for nourishment and UV protection. This is super important for protecting the colour of your hair, whether natural or cosmetic, as sun exposure can damage the colour. While you’re in the sun, cover up! Become pals with a wide brim hat and a cute beach brolly to protect your skin as well.

Turn down the heat

Is it hot in here? Hopefully not! Your hairdryers and straighteners have been working hard during Winter, and they deserve a break. Summer is all about au naturel anyway. Natural beach waves are in, and dry damaged hair is out. Let your hair dry naturally where possible and if you must style with a heated tool, adjust the temperature to the lowest level and always use a heat protector. We repeat, always use a heat protector. You can’t go wrong with the Davines All in One Milk.

Enjoy the water

We’re not just talking about hitting the pool here. It seems pretty basic, but staying well hydrated will go a long way with keeping your whole self healthy including your hair. Water accounts for almost 25% of the weight in each strand of hair. So whether you like it ice cold, sparkling, or fancy with a slice of lemon - drink up, your hair will thank you!

All products mentioned above can be purchased in the Studio. Enjoy the sun and keep those locks looking gorgeous X

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