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Shampoo bars, are they worth the hype?

You may or may not have heard the newly-converted-to-shampoo-bars folks absolutely raving about how good they are and now you’re wondering, are they worth the hype?

Take it from us, stylists who have used (no joke) thousands of hair products over the years, they are beyond goooood. Our favourites are the sustainable beauties from the Davines range, here are the four reasons we recommend them.

1. No compromising on quality.

You can still get the same great quality packed into your shampoo bars. But, only if you are using brands that stylists recommend. Just as we wouldn’t recommend using some products, not all shampoo bars are created equal.

With the Davines range you won’t risk losing any of the quality your locks deserve. She’s creamy, she’s foamy, and she knows her way around your hair follicles.

The product develops into a rich creamy foam during application that will leave you hair soft, shiny and silky.

2. They’re an excellent travel companion. Europe, anyone?

Save your packing space for the important things, like the third pair of pants you convince yourself you need but will never wear. LOL, guilty!

Small but mighty really applies here. They don’t take up too much valuable space in the makeup bag when you are out and about travelling or on work trips. If you will be travelling with a shampoo bar, we definitely recommend investing in a metal container case to hold it in.

3. They really last.

Speaking of a metal container case, investing in one will help you preserve the life of your shampoo bar. It is an investment that will return dividends as you will get so much use out of one bar. A good quality 100g bar should get you about 40 washes.

To preserve, simply rinse the bar after use to remove foam and hair oils. Leave to completely dry and place back in the case to store in between uses.

4. They’re excellent for the environment.

The Davines range is wrapped in 100% completely recycled paper. They’re also CO2 neutral, so in purchasing you know you are getting a nourishing hair product that has left no harm on the environment. Win, win!

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