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Why a lived-in look is on trend at the moment.

We all know the story well; lockdowns ended and everyone flocked to their local hair salons (no complaints here) because it was damn well time to feel fresh after months in the house. And we were prepped! We braced for months of massive style overhauls, new looks and daring change-ups to colour, cuts, and styling. And then, slowly and surely we realised - most of you wanted to freshen up a lived-in look.

And what is a “lived-in” look we hear you asking. Well, it’s a technique of highlighting and blending colour to allow it to grow out naturally. It’s also styling your hair to make it look au naturel like maybe you have just rolled out of bed, on a tropical island, mimosa in hand and not a care in the world.

Faux and Real Colour Blends

2021 forced us to do things we never thought possible: watch a whole season of Squid Games in a day, nap through our WFH lunch break, and grow out our natural hair colour. And this means when you came into the hair studio to visit, not only did we have months of tea to catch up on, we also had a great natural base colour of your hair to work with!

A natural balayage, beautifully blended highlights and light front face frames were all on the cards. These techniques to blend your natural colour with some faux colour are basically taking your natural beauty and elevating it for a re-fresh.

Day after styles

She’s natural, she’s effortless, she looks like she did her hair yesterday and is just going with the flow today. Not only is this for styling, but also for cuts. If you like to wear your hair a little on the rough (but chic) side, let us know! We will give you more blunt ends because they generally have more shape and need less styling fuss to look good.

In terms of styling, you’ll want to be using quality products. We recommend the Davines Liquid Spell to give your deflated hair an amazing bodifying and fortifying treatment to help give your hair the long-lasting texture that really adds to the lived-in look. Texturising and hair sprays are also essential to creating chic tousled locks, but it is best to chat to us in the Studio for expert advice on which product will best suit your hair.

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