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O & M-Gee! A Natural Shining Serum with Vitamin C extracts for a beautiful and volumised mane.

What is it?

Original & Mineral, or popularly known as O&M, has created a natural and exquisite styling product for the modern day woman. All ready to be taken to a good home and thoroughly loved and enjoyed! Trust us, after applying it to your locks, you’ll be addicted.

Uniquely Australian, O&M, is free from damaging chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol, philates, or tricolsan. Good for your hair, great for your hair health - win win.

Who is it For?

Anyone wanting to reboot their hair!

The Smooth + Shine is the ultimate smoothing agent that repairs, softens and smoothes hair. Naturally infused with Australian Lilly Pilly, macadamia, and coconut oil for the ultimate smooth and shine we all desire. Perfect for individuals with dull and dry hair who desire shiny and lustrous hair.

How to Use?

Easily apply vial to shampooed hair, massage, and leave for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Style however you like and see a lustrous shine that ultimately smooths and softens hair. Recommended to add after treatment but not essential - a glass of vino and a long, steamy bath.

Advocated by Australia’s best salons and featured by Vogue, GrittyPretty, Marie Clair, Cosmopolitan and DeliveryMag. The Smooth + Shine serum is available in-store.

Ask about your new favourite product when you’re in the Studio next!

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